Tanker welder / electricity pneumatic and hydraulic mechanic’s duties:

The heavy tank mechanic / assembler’s work mainly consists of aluminum welding works on tanks and superstructures, as well as hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical installation work. The materials used are aluminum, stainless steel and steel. The welding methods used are mainly welding.

Skills required by applicant:

Experiences in hydraulics, pneumatics and electricity for heavy equipment Welding ability and ability to carry out welding class later. Applicants are not required to have completed classes in advance, but those who have welding classes are favored in the search of the services.

The applicant is expected to:

It is advantageous to know the treatment of discs and to know the connection methods. Previous work experience for similar tasks is an advantage. Courageous attitude, cooperative ability and will develop in their work

Introduction to the work is given at the beginning of the employment relationship, but shortly after the introduction, the task is independent and requires self-knowledge and problem-solving ability. You are responsible for the quality of your work yourself.

The application must be sent to:


For more information about the task, please specify:

Talk time on Tuesdays and Thursdays 14-16

Gsm +358 40 451 3641

Antti Tapola, Managing Director